Chronic Care 


With Oculus Empower, you can extend patient care beyond your office’s four walls. Our care management platform helps your patients control their conditions and improve overall health at home, giving them peace of mind and reassurance.

How Does Empower Improve Patient Health?

6.2% reduction of HbA1C blood glucose levels

96% Medication Adherence

4% reduction inpatients’ triglyceride levels

We advise patients who may not know themselves when it’s time to seek immediate medical attention

we take extreme measures to resolve any patient issues in real time

We bridge gaps between patients and providers.

Automatically deliver daily touchpoints with our set of actionable, real-time data instead of relying on outdated EMR data. This enables your staff to reach more patients and focus on the right patient at the right time.


Non face-to-face Visits


Patients on Care Plans


Doctors use Empower

Maximize your care management potential

Remote monitoring covers your blind spots and enhances your clinical quality, without creating new work for clinical teams. Our remote patient monitoring solutions give patients guidance while gathering requisite quality data.

Increase reimbursement and revenue potential

Bill for chronic care management, remote patient monitoring and virtual check-ins or receive full credit for Improvement Activities under MIPS and other programs that incentivize PROM collection.

Elevate patient experience and grow market share

With Empower, you can reach more patients, deliver higher quality interactions, and increase patient referrals and market share. Improve patient and provider communication and coordination without adding labor costs.

Give your patients and staff the experience they want and appreciate.

  • Empower is equipped with over 189 Care Pathways that have proven to advance health quality, interventions and outcomes.

  • Empower pathways trigger, automate and standardize clinical processes for increased efficiency, enabling providers to spend more time with patients and less on administrative work.

  • Empower delivers pre-generated and auto-populated information, complete with common codes that are customizable after initial entry. 

  • Our algorithm-based software automatically enters fields based on diagnosis. Moreover, they are compliant with all evidence-based guidelines.

You become
your patient’s biggest hero.

Our care managers call your patients as part of your clinical team. In fact, many patients ask to meet their care managers when they come into your office for a visit. That’s the level of personalized care they receive from us. But to patients, they are getting the care from you!


Reclaim time spent on telephonic outreach

Instead, invest your time in patients that need care most. We automate routine outreach to collect condition-specific patient-reported outcomes from high-risk and rising-risk patients.

Ensure high adoption and ease of device use

Our remote patient monitoring solution gathers data from wearables, home health devices, and other connected devices that translates into collaborative care experiences. 


Ensure high adoption and ease of device use

Built on Oculus’ conversational engagement platform, care delivery is provided across multi-modal, omni-channel environments including voice assistants, websites, and mobile phones.

Patient monitoring device setup and configuration

24 / 7 access to our personalized care team


Individualized, one on one Health Coaching


Real-time health data & intelligent insights

Easy-to-use web and mobile app for patients, family & caregivers


Monthly reports required for your practice RCM

Vitals monitoring integrated with trackers & wearables


Direct messaging for effective information exchange

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Oculus Empower Increase my revenue?

Medicare reimburses your practice for utilizing chronic care and remote patient monitoring services. Our solutions generate an average of over $900 in reimbursements per patient every year. That means if your practice has 500 Medicare patients, you will generate $450,000 in reimbursement revenue each year.

How do patients feel about having a care manager?

Our built-in satisfaction surveys conclude that over 85% of patients are thrilled with their care managers, feel improved overall health and have better control of their condition. 

What does a typical CCM call cover?

When your patient’s care manager calls them, they will ask custom questions about their health and their specific condition. We will even ask if weather conditions or current events are affecting their physical or mental health. All data is recorded into your administrative dashboard so you can always see how our calls go, and check up on your patient.

Will my patients receive a dedicated care manager?

Every provider office has a dedicated care management team, so your patients are talking to a familiar voice on every call. We’ve even had patients walk into their provider’s office and ask specifically for their care manager!

Do patients really utilize remote patient monitoring devices?

Absolutely! We provide the patient with state-of-the art capabilities and support systems to amplify the patient engagement. We even have more than 50% of patients who login to self-report their health data. Our reporting levels are unseen in any other patient portal technology to date.

How do my patients enroll in CCM or RPM?

When we implement our platform, we pull your patient data and get busy calling them on your behalf. We always identify ourselves as part of your team, to ensure your patient is comfortable. We also supply you with all of the tools you will need to promote the programs in your office, on your website and through social media.

Our SaaS program is perfect if you have your own in-house care team. Oculus will train your team and empower them to utilize all of our Connected Clinic solutions.

Oculus Health enables superior patient journeys and enhances physician practices to deliver higher outcomes with new streams of revenue. Our solutions engage patients and families, empower clinicians and deliver outcomes that matter. From outpatient, to physician practices and urgent care clinics, to patients on the go, Oculus offers the only cross-continuum platform that performs across every care setting.