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The two most powerful patient management tools, together as one.

Our Connected Clinic solution empowers your team with the tools and resources to create exceptional patient journeys. From the first online search to find you all the way through to post-visit and remote care.


connected clinic’s innovative technology solutions deliver transparency and insights into patient care.

Connected Clinic is a Full Suite of Solutions

Powerful patient journeys start here.

Connected Clinic delivers better outcomes, superior MIPS scores and deeper brand value amongst your providers, patients and staff. We partner closely with your team to discover how your practice should prioritize. Then, we design a custom integrated workflow and give you the tools for successful patient journeys.



Recent value based care initiatives set mandatory standards that our platform helps your practice deliver upon.


Our platform takes the manual entry out of every patient intake and automates this process. Staff now have more time for more important tasks.


Give patients all around better experiences with less wait times and better care. Satisfaction surveys and reviews are published online to help attract new patients!


Our specialty practice referral system gives the provider AND the patient continuous engagement in the referral cycle, leading to more efficient and effective referring.

How do we increase provider revenue?

Our platform encourages increased Medicare reimbursements to providers by engaging more patients through chronic care management, remote patient monitoring, annual well visits and custom care planning.

How does Oculus increase patient satisfaction?

As your trusted partner, we are a strong advocate for both the patient and your brand. Our proven patient engagement strategies address the shift in inpatient and outpatient utilization, mitigate staff shortages by improving workflows, improving patient satisfaction, staff productivity, and increase patient and family engagement by advancing mobile and digital initiatives.

How does patient satisfaction turn into new patients?

Oculus Health provides solutions that deliver superior patient journeys. That means from the moment a patient schedules an appointment online, they are more impressed with your practice. Every patient is given the opportunity to complete a satisfaction survey that we integrate into search engines. Those ratings increase your online reputation – thus increasing new patient engagement.

How are new referrals tracked properly?

Our referral software is a quick and easy process for Primary Care Physicians to schedule a referral appointment for a patient. A PCP can even share medical records and files, creating less work for staff, or possibly even the patient. The patient receives email and text communication from the specialist, confirming appointments and gathering data necessary to fulfill the patient’s care needs.

How does Chronic Care Management help patients?

Chronic care management, a newer Medicare initiative, improves the health of patients with chronic medical conditions. With Oculus Empower, we care for your patients’ home health on your behalf. By regularly checking in on patients with chronic conditions, we reduce ER visits and hospitalizations while helping patients maintain their conditions at home.

How does Remote Patient Monitoring help patients?

Remote patient monitoring, a newer Medicare initiative, advances a provider’s insight into their patient’s real time health status. With our connected devices, we monitor the patient’s medical condition and alert the provider if any issues arise.

Relationship centric
care initiatives drive the
future of healthcare.



Connected Clinic’s website widget and automatic (voice activated) chatbot solutions mean you can engage with patients any time, anywhere. 

Whether to schedule an appointment, refill a prescription or open up an available time slot to a waiting list… Connected Clinic’s digital solutions have your back. 

Our proprietary

algorithms find

care opportunities

that humans

often do not.

Real patients shared real experiences. Here’s what they said.

“My care manager is great. She answers questions, takes time to address my concerns, and really listens and reassures me that everything is okay.”

Louise, Florida

“I really enjoy being checked on regularly. I feels it helps me stay in good health and take better care of my chronic illness.”

Arthur, Virginia

“My mother actually looks forward to getting a call from her care manager every week. It is comforting to know that when I can’t be there, she has someone else she can trust.”

Lena, Michigan

We give your team all of the tools and resources for success.

Dedicated Coaching

Our client success managers provide in person training to your staff. We explain the program, how it works and show you how to manage your provider dashboard.

Online Resource Library

You’ll receive a password to access our provider learning center portal. This is a designated library for our clients to download tutorials and watch instructional videos.

Patient Marketing Materials

We give you everything you need to market your services to your patients. Everything from social promotions and blogs to tri-fold brochures, posters and waiting room videos.

Our SaaS program is perfect if you have your own in-house care team. Oculus will train your team and empower them to utilize all of our Connected Clinic solutions.

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Oculus Health enables superior patient journeys and enhances physician practices to deliver higher outcomes with new streams of revenue. Our solutions engage patients and families, empower clinicians and deliver outcomes that matter. From outpatient, to physician practices and urgent care clinics, to patients on the go, Oculus offers the only cross-continuum platform that performs across every care setting.