Oculus Health for Hospitals

Our solutions for hospitals streamline the patient journey and extend care beyond the hospital’s four walls.

Patient Forms, Digitally Simplified. No more:

patients filling out paperwork

calling to verify a patient's insurance

Manually entering patient's medical history

Writing referrals

taking payments for co-pays

eligibility checks

Automate Your Administration & Intake, Reducing Operating Expenses

Create unforgettable customer experiences for every patient from the moment they enter the hospital.

Save valuable time for your ER doctors and clinical staff to focus on more important tasks like caring for patients.


When a patient arrives to the ER

Upon patient arrival, they receive an Oculus provided tablet that allows for medical history and intake information to be collected. Eligibility checks are completed and care plans are initiated during the ER visit. All data is mapped into your existing EMR for seamless care management. Patients can even pay co-pays via our platform. This process saves valuable time for your adminstration.

After the patient ER visit

Keep your patients engaged through care management solutions. Our care team facilitates post visit virtual check ups, appointment reminders, referral tracking and more. We even offer satisfaction surveys with built in search engine optimization capabilities. This creates additional credibility for hospitals, and enourages new patient ER visits when necessary.


Insurance verification with real time results

Need to know a patient’s copay? No problem. What about the remaining deductible? We’ll tell you. Need to confirm eligibility for a Medicare annual wellness visit? We have that too. Oculus Health’s automated Eligibility & Benefits application gives your staff the data they need in a manageable, simple-to-understand format.

Collect patient payments any time, anywhere

Asking patients for payment can be difficult. With patient financial responsibility making up the bulk of hospital revenue, everyone is feeling the pinch. Our suite of payment applications will increase profitability, reduce A/R work, and offer patients price transparency and convenient options to pay for their care.

Your Patient Onboarding Partner

Every hospital requires a comprehensive approach to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and chronic conditions. Whether you’re working to create a better patient experience or just trying to run a more efficient hospital, we are your partner from start to finish.

Meet Sally. Sally Chatbot.

Introducing Sally Chatbot, a secure automated live chat specialist integrated directly onto your website.

How does it work?


Patients log onto your website and Sally Chatbot pops up and asks how she can help. If necessary, we verify identity for existing patients. 


Your patients can engage with your staff and ask questions about care needs. If your staff is unavailable to chat, Sally will automate a response based on keyword triggers. If she is ever unsure, she will email your staff the chat log and any accompanying details.


Our algorithms trigger replies to patient’s questions and deliver custom messages based on the aggregated data. A staff member does not need to man the chat dashboard at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do patients feel about digital information gathering?

Studies show that patients become increasingly frustrated with repeatedly filling out the same forms. With our onboarding process, the patient fills out their patient profile once, and it gets transferred to the back office as well as any referred specialists.

Are my patients satisfied with their care?

Connecting with your patients and understanding their experience is critical to enhancing their care. It also helps you improve services, generate patient referrals, boost reimbursement rates and achieve care-model certifications such as HCAPS. Oculus’ post-visit surveys do just that: provide patient feedback in real time, giving you a clear picture of what they think.

Does Oculus Integrate with my EMR/EHR?

Absolutely. The Oculus Health engineers can integrate our platform with virtually any EMR or EHR. We pull and push data from every major EMR/EHR using HL7 and FHIR.

How is Oculus different from my EMR/EHR?

Most, if not all, EMR/EHR software platforms focus on automating patient records. Oculus extends the reach of your existing EMR to provide 24/7 patient engagement. We act as a concierge with digital onboarding, post visit virtual follow ups, text and email reminders, satisfaction surveys, and website technology that enhances the patient journey.

Does Oculus work alongside primary care physicians?

As a matter of fact, we built our model completely around a care management solution. We designed Oculus to increase hospital revenues while concurrently extending customized care to patients.

Oculus Activate Makes Headlines

Our proprietary software is getting recognition not only from doctors and patients who love it, but media and healthcare industry journalists, too.

Oculus Health enables superior patient journeys and enhances physician practices to deliver higher outcomes with new streams of revenue. Our solutions engage patients and families, empower clinicians and deliver outcomes that matter. From outpatient, to physician practices and urgent care clinics, to patients on the go, Oculus offers the only cross-continuum platform that performs across every care setting.