what is chronic care management?

Medicare designed Chronic Care Management to help patients with chronic conditions better manage their self-care and optimize their health. The primary goal of CCM is to provide patients with better care access.

How does CCM help patients live healthier lives?

With Oculus Empower, your patients are our patients. We check in on them regularly and help them manage their conditions at home. On average, over 85% of patients report improved health with Empower.

How does CCM help increase provider revenue?

Medicare provides reimbursments to practices who utilize CCM. Our services take away the need for implementing and maintaining the program yourself, so you can focus on patient care and we do the rest.

here are some of the chronic illnesses our care team can assist with:



Alzheimer disease and dementia


Cystic fibrosis

Multiple sclerosis

Parkinson disease

congestive heart disease

mood & behavioral disorders

Research studies have consistently demonstrated that care management services such as medication reconciliation, coordination among all providers, arrangements for social services, and remote patient monitoring reduce the cost of care for chronic disease patients, while also improving their overall health.

Oculus Health has solutions to create opportunities for your patients to live happy, healthy and active lives. 

We have a dedicated team of specialists ready to answer any questions.

We know that the biggest goal of any healthcare professional is providing the best patient experience. That’s why we focus on delivering our solutions that matter the most to your chronically ill patients. We have plenty of case studies and testimonials that prove our care management success – but if that’s not enough, we have the actual data, too.

Oculus Health enables superior patient journeys and enhances physician practices to deliver higher outcomes with new streams of revenue. Our solutions engage patients and families, empower clinicians and deliver outcomes that matter. From outpatient, to physician practices and urgent care clinics, to patients on the go, Oculus offers the only cross-continuum platform that performs across every care setting.